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The Company


P.I.P.O.T.O.T.A.L. = Potentiel d’Intervention Publiques et d’Oeuvres Théâtrales Ou Thématiques à Ambition Ludique. (Potential for Public Intervention and Theatrical or Themed Works with Playful Intentions)

Founded in 1989, Pipototal is a historic street arts company. A self-managed collective
since 2013, it continues and reinvents its exploration of the role of dreams in the urban
space and the public. Pipototal is a tribe, a collective of dedicated street artistes for over 25 years. Specialising
in moving art, it fuses circus, improvisation, music and acting with spectacular

and masked acting


Since its foundation in 1989 by Philippe Geffroy, who creates the machines, Pipototal encourages audiences to spread their wings and venture into unknown, poetic worlds.
With a strong focus on games and interactivity, the artistes turn traditional street art conventions upside down and relish in breaking down everyday emotional barriers. By doing so, Pipototal develops a timeless, universal aesthetic.
Its previous creations, Déambuloscopie, Basculoscopie and PHEO have led it to perform all over the world.