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S, suspended dreams

A machine like a dormant star, a man lost in thought, his mind wandering between reality and imagination. Three Muses, straight from his mind, tantalise him, tease him and invite him to find his way – and lose it.
Like the Furies who tormented Orestes, they seem to pursue someone who is guilty of no longer being aware of the wealth he possesses, or the beauty that surrounds


Celestial vagabond or astral clown? Will this Keatonesque character ever fulfil his dreams? Does he even know what they are?
Each obstacle, each encounter leads him into a series of comical, dizzying situations and constantly raise absurd unanswered questions. The universe is aflame: has the dream become a nightmare?

Loosely based on Les terres du ciel by Camille Flammarion, a 19th century astronomer and Spiritist, this show is like a moving painting, a digression in which Man and machine are swept into an infinite repetitive cycle.

« What was yesterday is today, and what is today will be tomorrow. Nothing is
created, nothing is lost… For creation is infinite and, in reality, there is neither time nor space »

Camille Flammarion , 1884

A celestial wanderer, three muses and the sunrise

Nightly Fixed Show

Fire & Artifices

All audience

40 minutes

4 acrobatic actors, 1 sound & light technician, 1 fire technician, 1 fireworker, 1 stage