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This is the story of a tribe in exile and only passing its way … An exile that reveals to the audience its absolute quest as well as absurd.
This strange convoy brings together extravagant characters and retro-futuristic machines that seem straight out of the world of Leonardo da Vinci. If they remind us the mechanical toys of past, there is no childish innocence. It appears like a micro society that feast and tear, a family with primary instincts and without shame.

Tensions appear, scrap metal moans, it smells like powder burning…


They all speak an incomprehensible language, but their acrobatic bodies and their mechanical follies open the doors of a universe made up of illusions between joy, freedom and melancholy : a breach towards a dreamlike world. This parade invites us to revisit our daily tragedies and shakes our emotions with a peculiar humor, both sensitive and raw.
In this reality, their gibberish is a language, as a wild and burlesque poetry.

2 or 3 machines, ask for your own tailor-made parade with the machines you wish !

Street Parade for mechanical follies

Ambulatory and musical show.
Day or night time show.
All audience.

1 hour and a half.
12 comedians-acrobats, 4 musicians, 1 sound technician, 1 stage manager, 2